Sunoco Shootout Participants

by Bri Bandimere | Oct 02, 2017

All completed Fuel Cards and Frequent Fueler Cards were thrown into a hat and selected at random by different members of our office staff. The race will take place Saturday Oct. 7th during the Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que Fall Racing Series.

2017 Sunoco Shootout Participants     UPDATED:10-4-17

Steve Conrad            A527
Ernie Raile                 V590
Dean Miller                B934
Michael Otis               5368
John Davidson           C586
Tyler Brayton              B283
Courtney Glover         P706
Sean Misener             X503
Jeff Petersen              B533
Lee Smith                   X514
Michael Metzger         B512
Jeff Crezee                 7959
Kris Whitfield               5444
Keith Rizner                B424
Karl Oser                    5333
Jack Brittingham Jr.   E527

Brent Stifflear             5862
Tom Campbell           C513
Max Sedbrook            B406

All participants will receive a phone call from Bri letting you know that you have been chosen. Please let her or Francine know if you will be able to participate in the race or not so they can contact the alternates if necessary. You may contact either of them at 303-697-6001.