2018 Sunoco Shootout Participants

by Bri Bandimere Herman | Oct 03, 2018

All completed Fuel Cards and Frequent Fueler Cards were thrown into a hat and selected at random by different members of our office staff. The race will take place Saturday Oct. 6th during the Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que Fall Racing Series.

2018 Sunoco Shootout Participants     UPDATED: 10-4-18

Brent Stifflear
John Davidson  
Jack Brittingham Jr.  
Jack Cussins  
Alec Douglas
Shay Lachish
Donna Rogers/Dave Butkovich
David Turner
John Ryan
Sabu Watanabe
Ed Holmes
Chris Mack
Dean Miller    
Dale Schroeder
Jeff Ewing
Mike Bader


All participants will receive a phone call from Bri letting you know that you have been chosen. Please let Bri or Francine know if you will be able to participate in the race or not so they can contact the alternates if necessary. You may contact either of them at 303-697-6001.