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Series Detail

Sunoco King Street Series

Featuring Colorado’s Quickest Street-Legal Vehicles in Side-by-Side Competition!

   Sunday, May 04, 2014
   Saturday, May 24, 2014
   Friday, July 04, 2014
   Saturday, August 09, 2014
   Sunday, August 10, 2014
   Saturday, August 23, 2014
   Sunday, September 28, 2014


Varies by Event

Racer: $40
Spectators: Varies by Event

* Open to all street-legal cars and trucks – must run between 7.50 and 12.75 to qualify.
* Registration is not required to compete, but is necessary to earn points.
* 0.500 full tree, dial-your-own eliminations, breakout rules apply.
* No electronics (see Rules Regarding Electronics).
* Maximum dial is .30-sec beyond your best qualifying time at the event, no slower than 12.75.
* All vehicles must have street-legal mufflers, current license plates/registration, hood, bumpers, grille, and operating lights. Must have current tags and registration with car in staging lanes.
* All vehicles must be clean/painted, and free of decals/sponsor lettering on body to participate.
* A bonus points cruise will be held. 25 bonus points for completing the designated run.
* Laddered first round based on Qualifying E.T., and will run on alternating Sportsman and Pro ladders. Sportsman ladder at first event, then Pro at next, etc.
* Trophies for Winner, Runner-up, and Semi-Finalists. Monetary payout sent via mail.

- Sunoco King Street Regional Championships
- Winner of most rounds between two days will be crowned as "King" of the Regional Championships.
- Do not have to be a Bandimere Speedway registered racer to qualify for this this title.
- All participants must meet class requirements.

Special Event Dates:
May 4 - "Bonus Trophy Day"

May 24 - "Bonus Points Cruise Day" - 25 bonus points for completing the cruise under your own power! 30,000 horsepower parade!

July 4 - FIREWORKS! Race at one of the largest events of the year, capped off with a tremendous fireworks show!

August 9 & August 10 -
- Most round wins totaled in the two days wins the title!
- Do not need to be a Bandimere Speedway registered racer to win.
- 2012 Champion was Steve Kawano, 2013 Champion was Steve Hill
- Champion wins trophy, Sunoco Jacket, and other prizes!

August 23 - "Bonus Trophy Day" & "Bounty Day" on Top 3 in points - Take them out, win your entry for Sept 28 race. Survive the bounty, win your entry to the Sept 28 race.

Sept 28 - "Qualifier T-Shirt Day" - All qualifiers get a series shirt.