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Sign-Up to get the 1/4Mile-HighLites Newspaper

After 20 years of the 1/4Mile-HighLites, changes are in store to keep up with the times...

If you wish to continue to receive the 1/4 Mile-HighLites newspaper, you will need to sign up to receive it electronically. We will send to our entire E-News subscriber list, as well as post on our website for viewing. Hard copies will be available at the track and sponsor locations.   

We hope to keep you balance relevant information on events and Bandimere Speedway happenings with our fans, without being obnoxious and intrusive.  Typically, E-News will go our Monthly, with 3-4 issues of the 1/4 Mile-HighLites being sent in addition to that.  During very busy months, 2-3 E-News may be sent to provide the details our fans and racers are asking of us.

Sign-up Here:

Changes in USPS regulations would force changes in our publication, as well as double our postage charges, forcing this change upon us. The newspaper will still have the same event information, details, sponsors, and news - and will be available online like many other publications are doing now, from Newsweek to the NHRA Jr. National Dragster.

Thank you!