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The hot entertainment news in the country today revolves around the arrest of pop star, Justin Bieber. Unfortunately, most of the headlines are incorrect. He wasn't arrested for drag racing. He was arrested for illegal street racing and DUI charges. The difference is significant. Bandimere Speedway is a world-class drag racing facility, an NHRA member track, sanctioned by NHRA - the world's largest motorsports sanctioning body and foremost promoter of safe, legal DRAG RACING. Bieber has been arrested for illegal street racing. His action puts innocent lives in danger at high speeds on open, public streets. Drag racing is a sport with participants all over the world at sanctioned tracks that have prepared surfaces, trained staff, and emergency safety crews. "Drag strips all over the country are thankful nobody was killed in this incident, and hopeful the attention to the dangers of illegal street racing will encourage people to race at the track," shares John Bandimere, III, General Manager of Bandimere Speedway. "From April through October, we partner with the Colorado State Patrol to provide 'Responsible Speed' events on Wednesday nights, where anyone with a driver's license and a legal vehicle can competitively race down the same strip that champions John Force, Shawn Langdon, and thousands of others have done safely." "We understand the 'need for speed', and we are all passionate about drag racing. The Colorado State Patrol and ourselves ask that it is taken to the track. Our hope is that the reaction from today's arrest creates more awareness of the risks and dangers on the street, and the community support for places for venues, such as ours." Bandimere Speedway opens up for the 2014 season in April. The first Colorado State Patrol "Responsible Speed" Test Night is on Wednesday, April 23rd. For more schedule, race and contact information, check out: or Like us on Facebook.