Five (5) Events in 2018:

May                26
July                28
August           11, 26
September     15


Racer                   $45
Adult Spectator     varies by event


* Open to all street-legal cars and trucks – must run between 7.50 and 12.75 to qualify.
* Registration is not required to compete, but is necessary to earn points.
* 0.500 full tree, dial-your-own eliminations, breakout rules apply.
* No electronics (see Rules Regarding Electronics).
* Maximum dial is .30-sec beyond your best qualifying time at the event, no slower than 12.75.
* All vehicles must have street-legal mufflers, current license plates/registration, hood, bumpers, grille, and operating lights. Must have current tags and registration with car in staging lanes.
* Slicks optional.
* All vehicles must be clean/painted, and free of decals/sponsor lettering on body to participate.
* A bonus points cruise will be held. 25 bonus points for completing the designated run.
* Laddered first round based on Qualifying E.T., and will run on alternating Sportsman and Pro ladders. Sportsman ladder at first event, then Pro at next, etc.
* Trophies for Winner, Runner-up, and Semi-Finalists. Monetary payout sent via mail.

- Sunoco King Street Regional Championships

- Winner of most rounds between two days will be crowned as "King" of the Regional Championships. 
- Do not have to be a Bandimere Speedway registered racer to qualify for this this title.
- All participants must meet class requirements.

Special Event Dates:

May 27             Bonus Trophy Day
July 1               Fireworks!  Race at one of our largest spectator events of the year!
Aug 19             Top Ten Qualifying Awards
Aug 27              Bonus Point Street Cruise - 25 bonus points for completing the cruise
                         under your own power.  30,000 HP parade!!
Sept 16             T-Shirt Day - all qualifiers get a free series/event t-shirt!